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Aluminum Tags for Emission Monitoring

In the emissions monitoring environment, there are many types of tags used for this purpose.  Some of the materials used for these tags are aluminum, stainless steel, vinyl, fiberglass and Tyvek.

These tags are usually numbered consecutively in accordance with the valves they are assigned to.  In some emission monitoring systems that are more sophisticated, our code tags are used.

Aluminum tags come in many sizes shapes and colors.  Some valves are marked and tagged with aluminum tags.  An example of an aluminum tag would be 1 1/4″ round tag, purple and numbered with a hole in the top for using an aluminum seal to hang the tag and mark the valve.  Aluminum tags in the environment will emissions field are usually 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ round or square.

Do you need custom aluminum tags? Do you have questions on the size of tag needed? We would love to help you out with that. Just contact us and someone will be more than happy to help.